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Delicious Deserts

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Decades of Great Baking

Everyday Bread

A great burger is only as good as the bun it’s served on. The same is true with sandwiches, Pizzas, Subs and hot dogs. In fact, the bread we eat can make or break a meal. Since bread has such an impact on food, it’s important that this staple comes from a quality supplier. It means repeat business. If you’re looking for a bread supplier who provides bakery-fresh goods, contact the team at Tina Foods.

Bread Basket

Freshly baked! Taste the true favour of wheat-pure & simple!
Burger Bun
Dinner Roll
Hot Dog
Sub Roll
Garlic Bread
Pita bread
Pav Bun
Wheat Bread
Sandwich Bread

Decades of Great Snacks

Everyday Snacks

Enjoy our wide range of everyday snacks - Yeasty Flavours, Spicy Treats.

We only use the freshest ingredients to create perfect snacks that enhances your experience. Over the decades, we’ve crafted baked sweets and savouries & all types of snacks from our very special authentic recipes. You can expect each loaf or batch to be baked with a special sense of care and pride.

Gourmet Snacks


The yeasty aroma that draws you in & makes it impossible to leave without at least one little indulgence!

Jam Bun
Cream Bun
Coconut Bun
Raisin Bun
Chocolate Croissant
Cheese Croissant
Cinnamon Roll
Sugar Donut
Strawberry Donut
Chocolate Donut
Danish Pastry

Spicy Treat

Just right for your hunger pains or as break time munchies- mouthwatering & nearly addictive!

Veg Puff
Panner Puff
Egg Puff
Veg Roll
Capsicum Roll
Chocolate Croissant
Cheese Croissant
Cinnamon Roll
Chenna Roll
Veg Sandwich
Panner Sandwich
Veg Samosa
Mini Samosa
Onion Samosa
Masala Bun

Decades of Great Dessert


You can rely on our 30 years' of experience in crafting baked goodies and in delivering large volume cake campaigns across Chennai for your special celebrations. We passionately create designer cakes for all celebrations big or small, where creativity meets taste! Let’s celebrate with our custom designed cakes - a work of art, a true blend of elegance & style - baked to perfection!

Delicious Desserts


A perfect blend of delicate & subtle favours! Delicious Deserts for your out-of-the blue cravings!

Swiss Roll
Chocolate Éclair
Apple Pie
Date & Walnut Pie
Lemon Tart
Apple Cinnamon Tart
Apple Strudel
Choco Vanilla Mouse
Sweet Puff

Spongy delights

Be it the melt- in-the-mouth pastries, the heavenly light & fluffy cakes, the crumbly banana muffin, you would love them all!

Cup Cake
Choco Vanilla Muffin
Rich Choco cake
Banana Cake
Rich Plum Cake
Butter Cream Cake
Fresh Cream Cake
Eggless Cake
Cheese Cake
Choco Truffle
Red Velvet Cake

Our Products

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